The New Music Industry sparks the launch of Nightcap Entertainment, a powerhouse team endorsing Independent Artists sustainably

…joining forces, developing unique strategy for the artist’s success in the biz.

This April marks the launch of Hudson Valley’s own Nightcap Entertainment, a team of protagonists to the evolving music industry. Nightcap Entertainment was founded by artists to solve the deficiency of accessible endorsement within the industry. The company’s roots are invested in one-on-one consulting with independent artists to strategize, and empower their careers. Nightcap Entertainment’s mission is to work alongside artists providing them with quality content, development, strategy, branding, and production that elevates their careers, empowers their independence, and produces the tools for sustainability; so much so, that artists may out-grow the company.
“Nightcap does not concern ourselves with exploiting artists to keep their business, instead we are dedicated to building a transparent relationship with artists and getting them the support they need to boost their presence and then eventually have the tools to continue on their own. We know how many people are striving toward the success of their passions, nothing should stand in the way of that. Our team has invested in the information and skills that working artists do not have the luxury of time for. We hope to be an asset to their process and give them the advantage that labels and investors lend, but without that price.” – Ayla Rector, Co-Founder.
Nightcap Entertainment offers a solution for those hoping to further their endeavors. The team operates from a two-tiered fee structure that begins with a consulting remuneration agreement and concludes services via a performance/payment by result percentage structure—translating to, “we work within all parties’ means.” Each artist works from their financial means, enhancing their visibility and maintaining their performance endurance, without diminishing their financial worth.
“No one becomes an artist for financial stability. It’s not something you choose to be, it’s what you are, and something you could never live without. Trying to make your art your fulltime career means putting in 20-40 hours a week on your craft, on top of 40 hours a week at the day job/jobs. It can feel daunting and impossible at times.  Even after your best work is created you’re expected to be proficient in all media platforms, web development, marketing, branding, and too often there’s not enough time in a day. We’re excited to bridge that gap and be able to work with artists to create the quality media their art deserves. Currently our focus is geared more towards musicians, because it is what we know best, but our work is translatable to all artists. Nightcap Entertainment has specialized packages ranging from EPKs, music videos, and branding development to entire crowdfunding campaigns. We aim to work transparently from a place of trust throughout your project.”-Ian Flanigan, Co-Founder
The Hudson Valley is and always has been a thriving network of artists. The local scene is forthright and savvy in promoting the rich community and engaging visitors. Nightcap Entertainment is not only invested in the culture that is already present and enhancing it with their annual events, they are also invested in making sure the artists behind the hype can survive and thrive. “If we’re going to pitch our area to cities and tourism, we should be self-sufficient first to be able to offer our culture year after year. Artists need more accessible outlets of support, it is no longer a ‘be-signed or fail’ industry. A lot of us are supporting families and our creative careers, much different than that old-time teen traveling-band/starving artist lifestyle the industry was formed from.” – Ayla Rector, Co-Founder
For the past two years, Nightcap Entertainment has been working with local artists in order to hone their market, and develop their business model. Most of Nightcap’s business solutions are inspired by personal experiences. Nightcap’s team is made up of over 100 industry professionals ready to lend their skills to the mission. Co-Founder Ian Flanigan has been touring and recording his music for over ten years. His passions are songwriting, audio production, and artist development. Ayla Rector has over ten years experience in event production and management. Her passions are performance arts, project development, and film. Both founders are eager to continue business endeavors in the fields they love, helping those they care about most.

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