Instagram Breakthrough

Morning coffee was extra good today.

We live for those moments of clarity, when the brain clicks into gear and where there was nothing, there is a breakthrough.

Just had one.

It’s always confusing, knowing where to begin on social media, until you find a rythm your left with a lot of guessing.

We’re all about creating strategy, so creativity can flow freely within it. So, this morning was a long-winded staring contest with the kitchen table, desperately trying to leach inspiration from the wood-grain…

We came up with a strategy that can be repeated for every project we work on, and never get old!

It looks like that…

The picture is a bit anticlimactic, but the idea is not.

P.S. this model is for event based media, but you can translate it to your business pretty easily.

  • Step 1- make a graph of 9 boxes, this is your Instagram feed.
  • Step 2- number them 1-9 left to right.
  • Step 3- begin the first two boxes with photos of your creative process. Post in the midst of execution, or a few weeks before your event.
  • Step 4- box 3 is a video promo of event. Post 3 weeks before event.
  • Step 5- box 4 tickets. 2 weeks before event.
  • Step 6- box 5, marketing color pallets you are using. 2 weeks before event.
  • Step 7- box 6, pictures of past correlating events you’ve put on that inspire this one. 1 week before.
  • Step 8- box 7, invite your highlighted event features/people to come to the studio for a professional photo shoot. Then post the pics and talk about how awesome they are. 1 week before event.
  • Step 9- box 8, day of event photos!!
  • Step 10- box 9, day after photos or videos. With a big thank you.

Now just execute and share!

Here’s ours up to box 5!

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