Start-up count down, plus a scary article about “the smart toaster…” whatever that means.

Every morning we sift through music industry articles and hand pick favorites. Here are some morning coffee reads for you: 

“How Can I Get on Spotify’s Playlists?”

“Beware the smart toaster: 18 tips for surviving the surveillance age”

“iTunes Announces All Music Downloads Will Be Shut Down and It’s Not a ‘Black Mirror’ Episode”


As the days get closer to our Launch, our day-to-day feels less our own. Every seasoned business owner attempt to warn you of the life you inevitably sign over to your start-up, but that doesn’t hit home until you’ve buried yourself in it.

We are buried, but alive.

Personally the satisfaction to keep mining is seeing all of our investments benefit the rest of our lives. Everything we give to our work, we see. As founders we’re only investing in our vision, instead of someone else’s. And there is no expiration date to our success, as long as we’re willing to dedicate ourselves to it, the mission will always be there. That is most refreshing.

Today is a holiday for most, and a rebirth for many. We feel the transition of the seasons and it fuels a second wind to create. Spring is here. We’re counting three weeks until our launch. Whats left on our list is a lot of perfecting, testing, and thought.

The coffee has been brewing since 7:30am. Since then we’ve managed to see both sides of the family eaten breakfast spreads with both. Played with the four-year-old, ate chocolate bunnies, cleaned kitchens, laughed and cleaned up tantrums until there were no more tears to cry. It is 2:00pm.

The Yellow Legal Pad (usually, today we mixed it up with some colored scrap paper):

  1. film and edit 4 intro videos
  2. event promotion and marketing
  3. press releases
  4. generic photos for the website
  5. test website
  6. call booking agent
  7. blog post (can cross that off… soon)
  8. house party invite design

IMG_0636We’ll see how much we’ve completed by the next blog post.

Today’s insight:

  • filming you kid repeating your instructions and then playing that back when they argue later, is an amazing parenting tactic.
  • communication takes diligence and an effort from both sides.
  • family can be the greatest stress reliever and the most stress inducing stimulus.
  • quality play with your kids is more influential than quantity.
  • sugar rots your teeth, eat fruit instead of chocolate rabbits.

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